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The Serial Killer Routers

So we were in class one day--it was myself, kelvinpw, and Trithis (they seem to be recurring characters in this series)-- and we were about to do some labs. Problem already arises: All the lab pods are filled. Well.... not all of them. There was one left: the crap pod. Nobody uses the crap pod, and for probably good reason.

But being the edgiest group there we decided to use the crap pod anyway. Now, let me explain how the crap pod is.... crap.

So normal pods have three Cisco 1841 routers, and three Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches.... we had to restore one in an earlier installment. This is okay, because that's what the curriculum is taught on: 1841 routers and 2960 switches.

Now, the crap pod is a bit different. It still has three 2960 switches, but there is only one 1841 router, and two Cisco 2621 routers. Now I don't know about you, but after doing some research into it, the 2621s were discontinued a long time ago.

That still didn't stop us, though, and we proceeded to do the lab to the best of our abilities. Although, we ran into a snag.... the serial cards stopped working. Huh. So we pulled over our instructor to help investigate. We ended up switching out serial cards on the 2621s, assuming they're dead. We pulled out and swapped three cards eventually, and noted later that the serial cards aren't even the curriculum proper cards: they were 2T cards, not 2A/S. Hm.

Still, we have one dead card and two questionable ones.... or are they not dead, and we're just being morons again.... who knows?


The crap pod was never used again.